A Whole Hearted Love Note To You

A Whole Hearted Love Note To Youfeatured

In honor of ‪#‎30daysofvulnerability‬ I write this post straight from my vulnerable heart. Look at this woman. She has been fighting for her own self love for her entire life. This one is for all survivors of sexual trauma, abuse, and neglect.

We are all affected by sexual violence and we all suffer psychologically, economically, socially and politically.. For years I hide in the closet, a scared little girl who was sexually violated too many times. All I carried with me was shame and guilt. The burden of pain I carried almost took my life more than once.

What I have come to realize as I continue to embrace my own healing journey is you are always enough. I am enough. One day I will get these words sketched into my skin as a daily reminder.

You don’t owe anyone an explanation, ever. YOU own your body. Don’t let any one person, or group of people, allow you to feel powerless. YOU have all the power and beauty you need in you. Make decisions for your well being. YOU have a right and you deserve to know the boundaries to your own body.

Making love is an intimate act, but sex can lead to power and control. Know your body and take time to listen to it, honor your feelings. Know at any time you can say no to sex and you can say yes. You are never obligated to have sex, ever. Make love because it feels good to YOU. And just because you love your boyfriend, girlfriend, partner, spouse etc. it still does not obligate you to have sex with them. Connect with your truth. Sex is for YOU.

As a survivor of “mental illness” too I understand how damaging the system is to us. It has lead us to believe there is something wrong with us when we experience trauma, rather than allowing us to embrace our own incredible healing power. We have the power to heal our trauma. Give your self permission to explore your body, because it’s amazing. YOU are amazing.

I hope you take the time to know your body and understand your needs. Give your self all the time in the world to reclaim your sexuality. It takes a lot of time to connect, give your self permission to do so. YOU come first. YOUR healing comes first. We not sexual objects, we are human beings. YOU are enough.

Healing sexual trauma is the most amazing journey you will ever walk, but it’s not easy. You will be tested more than once. Always come back to your body, your heart, and most importantly remember your breath. You’ve got this…..I believe in all of us. Hold YOUR space.

Take care of your self. Love your whole being. You get to choose. You are an empowered being. Just love your self. You are totally worth it.

Love and Light,


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Feeding The Heart is a blog and resource dedicated to empowerment for whole heart living after trauma. I'm a writer, trauma sensitive-informed yoga teacher, and a trauma survivor here to share my story and journey of holistically healing.

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