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Accepting Where You Arefeatured

We must let go of the life we have planned, so as to accept the one that is waiting for us. ~Joseph Campbell

Let me tell you the secret to healing–it’s learning the art and patience of acceptance. Accepting exactly where you, your life experiences, and how you feel in this world that is constantly changing and shifting.

Many times we are trying to “improve” ourself by not truly feeling our pain. It feels overwhelming at times, but accept that you feel this way. You can’t truly be happy unless you free yourself from not feeling and this comes with accepting every single emotion you encounter on a daily basis: sadness, grief, joy, peace, love. None of them define you, they are simply getting you in touch with yourself on a deeper level.

Grief and anxiety are teaching us what we need to let go. They are also showing you how much love you have inside of us. All of our emotions come and go–nothing is permanent.

By learning the art of letting go you will discover peace. For peace is simply being present with exactly what is. By discovering peace you also learn to embrace happiness more and more, but happiness is also not permanent and it will come and go out of our life so we must be careful not to cling.

When you begin to accept, you let go of notions that it should be a certain way. There’s no way it should be than what it is now. Accept that and then let it go.

When I started to begin the practice of letting go and embracing where I am, it freed me. It allowed me to let go of judging my journey and others around me. We may be walking a different path, but we’re all heading in the same direction. First I must accept that I am walking my own path and sometimes it will take me deep into the woods at dusk and other times it will take me to the edge of a mountain overlooking the sunset.

I must be mindful of every step I take no matter where it’s taking me. 

It’s true that it’s not about destination, it’s about the journey, but we also must learn to let go of what the journey “should” look like. It’s going to be messy, really messy, and it’s going to be confusing and filled with frustration, but at the same time it’s going to be filled with joy and exploration.

Maybe we just want to “move on” in our life or maybe others are telling us it’s time to “move on.” Maybe we want to feel more happiness in our life, but we’re blocking it by shame and guilt. The truth is that moving forward is about accepting where you are now. You don’t have to like it, you just have to accept it.

When fall comes and the leaves fall off trees they don’t cling their beautiful golden leaves, they let go and fall to the ground. They know winter is coming and they get ready to be with the stillness for the next coming months. They let go one leaf at a time. Nature has a lot to teach us if we take a minute to simply observe the changing patterns around us.

It’s never the same–we are constantly changing and so is everything around us. It’s not suppose to stay the same and we must learn to accept this process for what it is.

When we can embrace ourself for exactly where we are in life we discover what it means to live in this body. We no longer have to run away, we can sit in the stillness of silence knowing that it’s okay not to be okay. Knowing that our leaves are changing and falling and we must learn to courageously let go so we open up room for something new to come into our life.

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