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Laugh. Be present. Love with your whole heart. Surrender your past. Embrace the transitions. Fall in love with yourself. Discover who you really are: the hero of your own unique life story.

This past year has been a time of deep growth and transformation. It’s been about learning to live with an open heart and a present mind every single day.

I have finally shed the layers years of shame and guilt I clung so tightly to for years. We cling so hard and long to our past because it’s hard to see a different version of our life when we are trapped in a cycle of fear and victimhood. We only end up becoming trapped and disillusioned about who we really are deep down.

We are not meant to sit alone in the darkness, we are meant to discover and share our own light with others.

I am learning to not hold tightly to the negative parts of myself, but rather release them with grace and love. I created chaos in my own mind and body from labeling my thoughts as good or bad rather then seeing them as a form of energy that will eventually pass. Just as the sun rises and sets daily we will continue to rise and fall.

In order to discover the light, our light, we need to learn to release ourself from our own self destructive suffering. We must learn to become the hero of our own life. Our past should not chain us, but teach us to become kinder and loving to ourselves and the world around us. 

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I’ve learned that in order to move forward I must become the hero of my own life. I must learn to fight and love myself.

I’ve learned to surrender and heal myself. No one has the power to heal you from your past, from your trauma, from your suffering, but you. You hold all the answers and you must search for them and surround yourself with people who will empower you to seek those answers. Don’t look for a way to escape, but rather a way to transform and find balance.

I’ve learn to not cling to my emotions and feelings, because everything passes. Every single time. I must learn to love myself during the transitions, during the times I do not understand what I am feeling and I want to throw up my hands and give up. I must be the hero of my own life in order to become the person I truly desire to be. If I want to become the best version of myself and I must continue to fall in love with the flow of life.

I’ve learned patience. I’ve learned how to live my life with grace and ease: to slow down and enjoy the moment, every single moment. I have found that it is by being present in the daily moments of our life that we can truly experience joy and happiness.

I’ve learned how to laugh. Really laugh. I learned that life is serious, but life is also laughter. I’ve learned you can never really laugh too much. Laughing with good friends can take away all your worries from the day. I always make sure I end my day with laughter, and begin it with dancing.

Most importantly I’ve learned how to love myself. This has been the key to my journey, but also the most difficult because I had lots of resistant to the idea of self love. I now know and believe in my heart that the best gift we can give this world is learning to love ourselves who we really are. In order to move forward we have to learn to love ourself so we can love others with our whole heart. Instead of giving pieces of myself and heart to people I can now give myself in the present moment with everything I have inside of me. It’s an amazing way to live.

I choose to become the hero of my story. I choose love. I choose to open my heart up to a world of possibilities. I chose to follow my dreams. I choose to be a person that lives with grace and integrity. I chose to not hide my past, my shadows, but rather allow them to continue to build the strength of my character. I choose to live and dance in my own light, but also recognize the darkness. In the end it is love that always wins. Fight for yourself and become your own hero. The world could use more every day heroes who fight for their own love.

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Feeding The Heart is a blog and resource dedicated to empowerment for whole heart living after trauma. I'm a writer, trauma sensitive-informed yoga teacher, and a trauma survivor here to share my story and journey of holistically healing.

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