Creating New Year Intentions

Creating New Year Intentionsfeatured

Instead of New Year “resolutions” how about New Year intention setting? This is a shift in mindset from doing to being. Who do you want to be this New Year? Not how you want to look (focusing on the external), but by intention setting you take a holistic approach at manifesting who you want to be.

Rather than focusing on the negative you focus on the positive aspects of what yourself you want to shape. Intentions are about growing, but forcing a “resolution” but gradually planting seeds of growth.

Intentions help to bring us closer to what we desire on a deeper level. There’s no timeline for intensions you just set them and let them bloom. Plant the seed and take the year to water, nourish and feed the seed giving it the resources and space to bloom.

By planting the seeds of intention you let in grace. You surrender to the roots taking shape in your life already.

You become an active participant in your life and a chance to nourish the growth happening inside of you, moment by moment.

Intensions give you room to pause and look at yourself in a new light. Without clinging to standards and trying to achieve a state of worthiness through resolutions that end up with measures.

Become specific what you want to see bloom in your life.

Do you want a new relationship? Don’t seek a partner. Seek all the qualities in yourself that will help you attract a partner. Don’t bypass the inner work rather embrace it whole heartily. What to manifest that dream job? Live your life as if you already work your dream job. Develop the internal qualities inside yourself first and then everything, in time, will take shape.

Practice gratitude. Don’t look to what you don’t have, what do you have right now? Can you take a moment to just be grateful for one aspect of yourself–your life?  Intend to come with a full heart, not a half hearted one

Intentions are a process of transformation. What do you want to create in your life? Give you’re an intention, not a resolution, because intentions have no ending—they just continue to grow and grow. There’s no end point, only new beginnings.

Give yourself an intention this New Year. Be kind and know what change takes time and it takes building new habits and a lifestyle that reflects the kind of person we see ourself and the life we want to create: You are in charge—remember that.

We are here to create our life not resolute to it. Create the change you want to see in the world, by first creating the person you want to be.

I welcome you to plant seeds of intention. Happy 2018!

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