Dancing With Fear & Anxiety

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For years I ran away from my anxious feelings, but my anxious thoughts never ran from me they only continued to consume my mind. The more fear I felt rush through my body like a lighting bolt, the more my mind went crazy. I wanted to stop it, control it, tell it to go away.

Then one day I decided to just be with my fear. Was my fear truly this big demon I had spent most of my entire life so far avoiding or was it something more? Was it something I use to my my advantage?

12003411_556910544472263_5661385125324497589_nI began a habit of when I felt anxious to take a deep breath and sit with myself. I was done with the panic attacks and sleep insomnia, I needed to take the time to listen to my body and be with it, rather than run away from it. At this point in my life what was the worst that could happen? I needed to believe in myself. I could do this.

I began to dance. When my fear and anxiety where rushing through my body I played my favorite song and danced with everything I was feeling. I was completely being with my fear and I was learning to play with it, have fun with it, and love it for what it was, a rush of energy that I can the power to transform into something beautiful and meaningful.

What happened was powerful and beautiful beyond belief. As I continued to make friends with my fear and anxiety a whole new world opened up for me, full of possibilities and choices. My fear slowly turned into love. Fear and I knew we had to work on our relationship together and we were committed to learning about one another and we fell in love.

My fear gets things done in my life that without it I don’t know where I would be. I am grateful for my fear and anxiety taking care of me when I needed it. They kept me alive at times, but I know now in my heart that all I can continue to do is feed them with my heart.

I no longer run from fear and anxiety, I dance with it. It is my witness, my alley and the best dance partner I’ve ever known. I now open my arms up to these feeling and beliefs that I hide away from for years. I know that no matter what happens I will be okay. I can use my fear and anxiety as a tool, as my inspiration to conquer what I know 10418885_556910644472253_1573087900635057395_ncan be done.

My fear and anxiety empower me if I take the time to sit with them and understand where they are coming from. The more I take time to listen and connect with these feelings the more I realize where they are actually coming from. I have nothing to fear, but a lot to love. Sometimes I just turn on a good song and dance with them. There’s nothing to fear from fear, just be with fear and allow it to teach and mold your beauty and creativity.

Let us take the time to turn our fear and anxiety into love. A love so powerful that is motivates us to take our fear with us wherever we go and be that emotion. Fear has a lot to teach us. It is there to show us what we are truly capable of if we are willing to take the time to discover its meaning.

Fi12027627_556910437805607_1829372201185750324_nnd your dance and invite fear to join you.

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