Discover Your Inner Warrior: How A Machete Guided Me To Island Paradise

Discover Your Inner Warrior: How A Machete Guided Me To Island Paradisefeatured

It’s a funny story how I ended up in paradise. It’s not what you think, because it began with a machete.

I came to Central America with an open mind and heart. Rather than spending my energy focusing on the destination, my next location, I have taken time to be present with myself, and other soulful travelers and local, everywhere I’ve gone.

It has been life changing. I have had some big life lessons and challenges while I’ve been here. I’ve been tested physically and emotionally many times. The journey doesn’t get easier, but it does get more interesting once you focus your energy on long term healing rather than short term fixing.

That brings me to Nicaragua, a country I knew little about, and honestly didn’t have any plans to visit, but rather pass through as I planned to make my way to South America.

And here I am sitting in my bamboo room surrounded by a breathtaking permaculture farm that I will call home for the next 2 months as I teach yoga in a beautiful sacred space surrounded by monkeys, the luscious jungle scenery, in a constant state of aromatherapy of tropical flowers.

Home is a now a beautiful island in the jungle on a permaculture farm where one can learn everything from beekeeping, to making bread, ceramics, permaculture, Spanish and of course yoga.

I was lead to paradise in Nicaragua to pick up a new phone that a friend’s mom had brought for me on her way to meet her daughter and travel through Nicaragua,

While I was at my yoga training in Guatemala running early one morning a man with a machete, his faced wrapped in a bandana, screaming at me in a language I could not understand, jumped out of the cornfields, and next thing I knew I was literally running for my life as I threw my phone into the path knowing I would not be coming back for it.

All my training in running had paid off as I ran faster than my heart could beat back to safety.

It’s ironic because here I am on my healing journey and all my fears were coming to the surface again, every single one of them. I felt I was being violated all over again in the areas I had come to heal. I felt I was moving backwards again.

I questioned what I was doing. I had flashbacks of my past trauma, frozen in pain and grief. I choose to stay with all my feelings of anger, frustrated, grief and shame. I knew I needed to face all of these intense emotions coming to the surface.

Rather than blame myself, or even the man who had violated my personal safety, I came back to my breath. I came back to my heart. I came back to Ruth. I came back to who I knew I really was. I came back to healing.

I used my trauma sensitive techniques and it’s amazing how quickly my nervous system bounced back to being back in a state of relaxation whereas in the past it would of stayed in a state of post-traumatic stress. With a lot of loving support it took my body and mind two days to recover.

It was incredible how fast it took me to bounce back.

I made it through the yoga training immersion a stronger and wiser person. Having the trauma even of my phone stolen was the best thing that could of happened to me, because it brought me to where I am now and it’s exactly where I want and need to be.

I faced my fears. I conquered my fears and I was brought to paradise. Now I am teaching something that I believe we all deserve to learn and feel in our bodies: yoga. It’s powerful medicine.

Life has a humorous way of bringing us back to our hearts and pushing us to follow our dreams despite the circumstances.

Traumatic events will happen in our life that we will not understand. Let your journey unfold, because those events have the potential to lead you to places and people you always dreamed of finding and discovering.

You are capable of overcoming anything. Learn to fight for yourself and your dreams so doors will continue to open to your heart and home.

Open your heart, discover your inner warrior and be lead to your island of paradise. It’s waiting for you.

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