Falling In Love With A Woman Who Loves Her Self

Falling In Love With A Woman Who Loves Her Selffeatured

When a woman truly loves herself she doesn’t need your love, but she appreciates it.

She runs into your arms and kisses you softly on the lips, because she desires your presence, but she doesn’t need you.

Loving a woman who loves herself is a beautiful heart opening experience. She wants to be with you because it’s empowering and carefree, she wants her heart to continue to open, and she wants to be with all of you.

A woman who loves herself is fierce, independent, intelligent, has a witty sense of humor, a heart so pure that her love touches every man and woman she meets She loves to travel, and open her mind to new places, people and ideas.

A woman who loves herself has stories to share. Her body and mind together represent her authentically.

She is whole on her own, but it wasn’t always that way. She fought for her love.

She learned to love herself first so she could appreciate your love.

You cannot hold onto a woman who truly loves herself you must let her discover the wonders of this world with or without her.

Be there to send her off with grace, always remember her in your heart, but set her free. She was meant to soar.

A woman who loves herself is not attached she is constantly transforming herself and opening her mind of new ways of thinking. She is an explorer, a seeker, a student of wisdom, a lover, a rebel, a dreamer and the lover of her own life.

If you love a woman who loves herself tell her you love her, but don’t expect the same love in return.

A woman who loves herself is a rare jewel and she belongs to no one, but is lived in the hearts of all lovers.

A woman who loves herself nourishes her heart, mind and spirit with nature. She is one with the forest, at peace in the mountains, calmed by the sea, energized by the jungle and captivated by the ocean. She rises with the sun and takes time to admire the moon and stars before she goes to bed.

A woman who loves herself is her own creature. She glows everywhere she walks.

Her aroma smells of lavender and chamomile. She’s a simple woman, because she knows what makes her happy. She already has everything she needs.

If you love a woman who loves herself you will never see the world the same again. She will open you in ways you never thought were possible. You will feel things you never felt before.

She will show you what it means to truly love without attachment. If you love a woman who loves herself consider yourself lucky.

Continue to fall in love with her, but don’t hold onto her. When a woman falls in love with herself she becomes an inspiration to humanity. Fall in love with her, but learn to let her go.

Hold her hand and look into her eyes as her loving energy flows through your body, rushing through your veins and pumping into your heart. Touch her softly and kiss her on the forehead. Hold her and whisper in her ear.

Let her love you, but let her go because she doesn’t belong to you. She will always love you, but not in the way you expect.

Be open to the mystery of her mind and heart. Let her inspire you to discover ho you are without her. Let her inspire to discover who you are with her. She wants to show you. She will always lead you back to your heart.

Falling in love with a woman who loves herself is the best decision you’ll ever make. She will teach you why we need impermanence to love my whole heart. She will show you the magic n loving fully and deeply.

Fall in love with her, but slowly let her go and continue to fall in love with her all over again.

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