Finding Inspiration in Guatemala

Finding Inspiration in Guatemalafeatured


My heart and soul are falling in love with Guatemala. I am in love with the people, the culture, the food and the beauty of the natural environment around me. My internal clock is waking up with the sunrise and finding rest as the sun sets. Everything is falling into place.

Luckily my one way ticket journey actually turned into a one way ticket journey. Long story short I was given 15 minutes to purchase a flight back to the U.S. (at 5 AM in the morning too). Once I got to Guatemala I contacted the airline to refund my flight back. I went into this trip with the intention that I would go in with no strings attached to my next destination(s) and it will continue to stay that way.

I want to expand my mind and heart and allow my spirit to guide me where it belongs and where I am needed. It’s a way of living that feels so natural to me, yet it took me so long to convince myself I could do it. When we allow our heart to guide us it takes us to the places and guides us to the people we need in our life to empower us to transform and draw us closer to our purpose, to what brings us joy, happiness and ignites our fire to live and inspire others along the way.

After spending over 30 minutes on the phone with the airline to refund my ticket home (that was bought literally 15 minutes before my flight was suppose to take off) the lively woman on the phone said she heard Guatemala is a country where you find your soul. I said, yes I could not agree more! We chatted on how we could all use some good soul searching and finding in our life time. She agreed and decided a a trip was in her future as well.

I love the people you come across traveling. I am currently staying at a hostel in Antigua as I prepare for my yoga training next weekend. It has been a great way to start my journey. The city is lovely. I’m walking around 4 hours a day, eating at different local restaurants and recently came across a delicious all vegan restaurant too. I’m practicing my Spanish, although I have a lot of work. One day at a time I’m taking it.

I love this city because it’s local, but diverse. I feel the ability to be completely present here. I feel challenged, but I also feel in union with everyone and all the elements around me. I feel grounded. I feel completely in my power. I feel alive. It’s amazing.

I love the smell of fresh flowers and tortillas cooking on the street. I love the smell of rain that comes rolling around at 4 PM every afternoon. I love the smell of fresh baked goods. I love my daily cups of fresh roasted Guatemalan coffee and writing cafunnamed-7e adventures. I love the market that is filled with fresh avocados, basil, every type of fruit you can imagine and so much more. I love to stand in the market and reflect on how I feel so complete when I am surrounded by food, by beautiful local people and I get to choose what flavorful ingredients I want to prepare for my meal. Every time is a new experience that I look forward to.

Life is about celebrating and being present in these little moments. unnamed-6

Healing for me has been a journey of up’s and down’s. It’s about discovering and embracing my authentic self. I have naturally fallen in love with her, me. I have fought for her. I am beginning to realize that maybe the most important duty we have in our lifetime is to learn to fight and dance in our own body.

Today my inspiration is myself. It’s the people I connect with on a daily basis. It’s owning my power, my beauty, my strength, my dignity. It’s discovering the unique human being and woman I am. Hold your inspiration close to your heart, because once you find it lights up your life and the people around you. Today I smile for the peace I have discovered within myself and that I will continue to pass onto others.

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