Finding Peace In Any Moment

Finding Peace In Any Momentfeatured

We can never obtain peace in the outer world until we make peace with ourselves.
~Dalai Lama

Peace comes through the simple act of connecting with yourself through your breath with no judgement. It’s being present in this very moment with all that is. You don’t have to do anything or be anyone you simply just need to breath into this moment and slowly breath it out.

Peace is not about seeking, but being.

Inner peace is feeling without judgement. We tend to run away from our feelings or stuff them in a corner. The reason we are afraid to feel is because it allows us to feel completely human.  Fully alive in our body, mind and heart.

Feelings are our internal guide. We feel and experience life through our feelings, they are there a resource for us. Just as our mind is a tool to gather information, our feelings help us process and “feel out” the information. They help us experience life in its deepest, fullest and richest form.

When you find peace within yourself you change the way you see the world and react to it. You learn to surrender and let go. You learn to not judge your feelings and rather let them just be.

We put so many judgements and labels on our thoughts that we get caught up in thinking that we are “bad” or that the thoughts we are having are “not good”. Drop the labels and attachments to your thoughts and become a witness to them. Simply observe them rather than get caught up a story line.

When you find inner peace through awareness you don’t hold onto negative emotions anymore. You learn to let them go so you can embrace your inner stillness. You don’t look to other people for approval for you already know that the answers will come to you when you when the time is ready. This is peace. Being still with the unknown while loving yourself through the process of transition and uncertainty. Sometimes it’s all we can do.

Let go what you think you know and open yourself to the unknown. Let it unfold one breath at a time. 

You sit and you breath out what no longer serves you. You may not be able to control what is happening around you, but you can control how you react it.

So, will you react with love and peace toward yourself so you can inspire others to be with their peace? Will you let your breath flow rather than constrict it? Will you allow yourself the gift of being and feeling human? Will you be present for your life?

Every moment you can be a channel for peace. Take time to sit with what is and know that everything you are feeling won’t always feel this way. Our feelings come and go like waves in the ocean. Our inner peace is always here waiting for us to tap in. It is always there to embrace us with open arms and hold us through the overwhelming moments and feelings.

3 steps to finding inner peace: 

1). Take 5 minutes a day to be in stillness and just focus on your breath, inhaling and exhaling. Sit in your car, when you wake up in the morning in a place that you can take a few moments to connect to yourself without interruption. Just focus on the movement of your breath.

2). Start to not judge or label your thoughts. Rather, simply observe them like clouds passing by. Become a witness to them. Try not to get caught up in the storyline.

3). Take time to do something for yourself that allows you to feel fully alive. Maybe that is a dance class, a yoga class, cooking, drawing. Find what allows you to express your feelings in a way that brings you joy. When you connect with joy you also connect with peace.

This is a daily mantra and affirmation I use to help tap me back into my inner stillness.

Peace is your truth.
It lives and breathes for you.
It is deep and pure and it your internal guide.
Take a deep breathe.
Come back and center yourself in your heart.
Peace is waiting for you, because it is you.

Just let it be. 

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