Finding Your Sacred Yoga Space While Traveling

Finding Your Sacred Yoga Space While Travelingfeatured

Photo on 6-25-15 at 6.02 AMFrom roof tops to jungle tree tops to lake docks to hostel rooms you can find your sacred space wherever you go.

Lots of fellow travelers ask me, “How do you do yoga while traveling?” My advice: just do it! Anywhere and everywhere. There is no right or wrong space and time!

Your sacred space may not be quiet, it may be distracting, but this is the best time to practice. Don’t worry about having the perfect environment: just do your practice to the best of you ability.

I meditate on the bus, sometimes all I have is my hostel bed. I do yoga wherever there is space, from the grass of a park to pavement at a bus stop. I’ve watched countless sunrises on rooftops during my morning yoga practice. I’ve watched countless sunsets too. Some practices and spaces are better than others, but what counts is that I seek out my space wherever I am.

I usually get my yoga practice in the early morning, because it’s the easiest and I enjoy rising with the sun. When I wake up I oil pull first, splash some water on my face, pull my hair into a ponytail, drink a class of water and find myself a sacred space among the noise and chaos many times. Sometimes it’s a hallway and sometimes it’s an entire roof top to myself.

Photo on 6-25-15 at 6.01 AMThis morning I woke up around 4 AM to get in a yoga practice before my bus left for El Salvador. I knew it was important to get my practice in even if it meant waking up an hour early. I went onto the rooftop of my hotel in Guatemala City and the weather was perfect. I watched the sunrise as started my sun salutations and I gracefully flowed through my Vinyasa practice for the next hour.

We’re all going to have our own traveling sacred practice. It may be the floor of your hostel or hotel room. It may be the beach. Maybe there’s a yoga class offered near where you are staying so the opportunity to have a reserved sacred space is available. Find what works for you.

Sometimes it means people staring at you, but those people staring at you are actually admiring you.

At one of the hostels was staying at I had someone come up to me afterwards and give him some tips on meditation before his bus left. He’s been trying to get into a yoga and meditation practice since traveling, but he has found it difficult. In 10 minutes I was able to give him some practical tips for meditating on the road.

Another fellow traveler said my yoga practice on the rooPhoto on 6-25-15 at 6.05 AM #3f in the morning inspired him to start seeking his own sacred space as he continues to travel for months. Another woman started to join me in my daily morning meditation.

Let people take notice, because maybe it’s your self-discipline and peaceful energy to your practice that they need to see. Your sacred space may become their sacred space too. Spread the love.

If I only have a few minutes I do a few poses that help balance me such as headstand, crow and tree. Do what you can in the time you have. You don’t need to reserve 90 minutes to do yoga. Yoga can happen anywhere anytime. You have the space wherever you go and you have the best teacher: you.

I don’t believe there are yoga traveling rules, just let your heart guide you and you will find your sacred yoga space wherever you go.

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