How To Heal Negative Thoughts & Beliefs Of Yourself

How To Heal Negative Thoughts & Beliefs Of Yourselffeatured

Healing old and negative thoughts of yourself is a process of learning to love yourself unconditionally. We seem to have an easy time loving others who are close and important to us, but what about loving ourself?

Old and negative patterns of thoughts are just a form of energy that can be changed and healed over time. You’re never stuck for there is only the possibility of transformation that truly exist.

Do you say negative things to yourself? Would you say these negative things to your best friend? I always ask myself this question to check in with myself and my mind. The mind thrives off getting lost and overwhelmed in your thoughts. It creates stories that aren’t actually true, but the mind finds a way to convince you they are.

To heal old negative thoughts and patterns you must first start with learning to love and accept yourself for who you are right now. Not who you use to be (focusing on the past) or who you wish to be (focusing in the future) but who you are right now, in this very moment. 

Once we begin to accept ourself for who we are right now we begin to develop a gentleness towards ourself. Slowly, over time, the negative thoughts and beliefs start to drift a way because we simply no longer believe them. We want to live in peace and balance, not a state of negativity and chaos for we understand it does not serve us or the world.

Begin to explore your thoughts. It’s not about changing them, but become aware of them, recognizing where they are coming from and simply being present with them. The more we sit with our negative thoughts and uncomfortable feelings (energy) the more we begin to relax and surrender to the present moment. It is a powerful to explore, for you recognize you have been conditioned to think and react as a human doing rather than a human being.

Let yourself just be. Let your old thoughts and beliefs simply melt away. Love yourself in a way you have always desired and dreamed of being loved. The more you learn how to fall in love with yourself the more positive thoughts and beliefs you will be able to develop because you know how to give yourself unconditional love.

It doesn’t matter what others think say and do, it matters what you think, say and be. You are here to experience the freedom of being your whole authentic self. You are not broken or damaged you just simply forgot how amazing you already are. There is nothing to prove, you are enough and when this form of thinking starts to soak into your whole being you will begin to realize that you are a form of light and you deserve to shine just like the rest of do as well.

Shine on.

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