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Photo on 6-19-15 at 2.13 PM #6My month long transformational yoga training and ended and I am in pure bliss. I’ve never felt this feeling of magic streaming through my blood stream. Everywhere I look there is beauty and wonder. It’s a new way of perceiving the world and myself. No longer do I see myself as the enemy, but as the lover.

What a journey is has been! What a journey we all deserve to travel and discover our own beautiful magic. I see and feel us all desiring to surrender to love, because that is the essence of our true nature. First we have to believe it, feel it, and then live it so we can share it with others.
Photo on 6-19-15 at 2.09 PMAs I sit here on the dock overlooking the sunset I am in owe. I am grateful to be alive. It’s this moment alone that makes everything worth it. For the first time in my life I know I’m worth it, without a label, a title, financial objects, all these things that we feel we need to be secure and complete: all I need is myself, my heart, and a dream. Instead of waking up feeling I need more, I wake up feeling grateful for everything I have and everywhere I have been, because at the end of the day it brought me here.

I’ve gathered a lot of inspiration from my beautiful students teachers during this last month. We’ve all grown in amazing, powerful ways and they have inspired me to keep writing.10494604_1002070459837343_8500559687728737045_n

So I sit here in tranquility, peace, bliss, and happiness. No longer do I hide behind a mask of shame, fear, anxiety, depression, I am free from my own prison of self-destruction and have learned to become my own best friend, my own lover, my own hero.

Just Love Yourself,” my beautiful yoga teacher and training facilitator Goyo said to us.

So often we get caught up thinking if I have xy and z then I can be loved. Don’t wait for love, seek it out now. Instead of waiting to receive love try loving yourself firs11430164_1002073366503719_5257445270064369315_nt!

It’s transformative. Something so simple, yet one of the greatest challenges we struggle with. Don’t wait for permission, for validation: love yourself today. Don’t wait for others to love you to love yourself. In this moment alone you can give yourself everything you need.

Maybe that means making yourself a delicious breakfast, or writing a juicy love letter to yourself, or having a beautiful candle light yoga session with yourself. Whatever it is seek it out. Find the courage to love yourself. Once you begin loving yourself it’s amazing how others will become inspired and seek their own love journey.

We’re all lovers. We all have the ability to just love you, but we must let go of expectations and be kind and gentle to yourself.

10514743_10152846803867617_8378071213496224511_nMaybe our greatest challenge is not learning to love others, but learning to love ourselves first so we can freely give and receive love from others.

I love the woman and lover I have become for myself.  We all deserve to love ourselves. It’s the most precious gift, it’s the most beautiful and transforming gift we can give and receive.

Our world could use more lovers. Just love yourself. You are lovely. Have the courage and strength to believe it for yourself.

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