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Photo on 6-9-15 at 6.42 AM As I sit over looking this beautiful lake, drinking my strawberry juice, I feel free. I feel alive. I feel home.

I am beginning to understand what it means to live inside your body. To not allow the world to tell you how to feel, but to feel it yourself, own it and love it with your full heart.

I just ended the second cycle of my yoga training at Mystical Yoga Farm and words cannot express how I feel. It’s transforming, juicy, sweet and beautiful. It’s like biting into a strawberry take you took the time to grow on your own and take the time to let it melt in your mouth. I’m savoring every second of it. Each day is a new beginning.

The yoga training I am attending runs off the Native American Medicine Wheel . There are 4 cycles of 4 days with 1 day break in between. The first 2 cycles were themed around into letting go of control, and learning to spread our wings and fly. A lot came up for me this first two cycles including fear and self-doubt. Am I ready to let go and fly?

Yes I am, but I have to believe in ourselves rather than relying on others to believe in me. We can always feel energized by the encouragement of others but we can rely on them alone, we must become our own cheerleader, our own unique lover, our own peaceful warrior who is always ready to lead and love.

Photo on 6-9-15 at 6.42 AM #2The group of students of teachers I am surrounded by is incredible. Their energy is pure, radiant, and full of compassion. It’s a unique group of individuals and I feel honored to call them my family. Each person has been a beautiful gift in my life the last two cycles.

They are really showing me how to laugh and love, how to be with myself without being programed around a clock, without attaching my worth to a title, a label, without a need to identify with anything but myself. Most importantly simply be present in my body and speak from my heart.

I not only feel stronger physically, I feel strong mentally. As I sit with my mind I begin to understand how not to feed into it, but to make it my alley. Slowly I am learning to integrate the graceful movement in my body with the air like qualities in my mind and not only have I learned to let go, maybe more importantly, I’m learning to find balance. With balance comes love.

I’m learning not to judge, but accept what is. I’m learning to love every part of my being and the world around me, as cruel as it may feel at times. We’re not victims. At every moment we can choose a different thought, looking at life through a fresh lens.

As I become mindful of my thoughts I realize that I really am in control of how I want to see my life. I can feel it through a lens of victimhood and pity or I can lift to a lens of survivorship and empowerment. I choose to be empowerment by my thoughts and actions.

Living on the yoga farm has taught me how to be at peace with myself. I feel it is one of the best gifts we can learn to cultivate for ourselves. When we find peace within ourselves we can bring that peace to everything we touch.

As I let go of control I realize I have more to offer than I ever imagined. Too often we hold onto our past, old habits, because it feels safe and secure, even if it’s not good for us.Photo on 6-9-15 at 6.39 AM #2

Release those habits. You don’t need them. It’s your mind tricking you into thinking you need them. What you need is freedom, space to plant a seed and grow new beautiful thoughts. You have the potential to transform. It’s a journey so take your time, be patient and kind to yourself during the process.

I’m learning how to rely on myself. Too often we look to others to gain recognition or approval rather than looking to our own heart. We hold all the answers. Really. Take the time to listen, because your heart knows where to lead you. You must trust the process first and be open to seeing yourself and the world in a new light.

I started off my yoga class with this quote and I want to end this blog with the quote by F. Scott Fitzgerald.

“For what it’s worth….it’s never to late, or in my case too early, to be whoever you want. You can change or stay the same. There are no rules to this thing. We can make the best or worst of it. I hope you see things that startle you. I hope you feel things you never felt before. I hope you meet people who have a different point of view. I hope you live a life you’re proud of, and if you’re not, I hope you have the courage to start all over again. “20150609_141948

I hope you take the time to speak from your heart today and the rest of your life.

I recognize the light and love within myself and all of you. Namaste my friends.




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Feeding The Heart is a blog and resource dedicated to empowerment for whole heart living after trauma. I'm a writer, trauma sensitive-informed yoga teacher, and a trauma survivor here to share my story and journey of holistically healing.

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