21 Heart Opening Lessons from A Year’s Journey Of Healing

21 Heart Opening Lessons from A Year’s Journey Of Healingfeatured

  1. “Only you can change; when you change, the world changes, because you look at it with different eyes.” ~Osho
  2. Healing is a process of transformation, not a single event. Be open to learning and growing through the process. Healing is a life long journey.
  3. You will outgrow things and people that no longer serve your highest good. Grieve them, but know that there are better things coming your way as you continue to heal. Gracefully let go out of the old so the new can shine it’s light.
  4. Be okay with not being okay. That in itself is a lesson.
  5. Self love is the most crucial healing medicine. Learn to love yourself first and everything will slowly fall into place.
  6. You are enough. Always. You have nothing to prove.
  7. Learn to live from your whole heart and not your ego. It’s challenging, but it will bring you more peace and happiness in the long run.
  8. Become a little more aware and mindful every day.
  9. Travel and open yourself up to seeing new places and meeting new people. Challenge yourself to see people and places differently.
  10. It gets better. It gets rough. It gets sad, but it also gets better. Hang in there and believe in yourself even when the going gets tough, you are stronger than you consciously know.
  11. Find peace in not knowing the next step or transition; just find your own dance in going through the process. It’s about being mindful of every step of the journey not rushing through it.
  12. Be where you are. Learn to just be and not do. Learn to ground yourself as uncomfortable as it may feel, the more you learn to simply be and not do
  13. There are no mistakes, only lessons we continue to grow from. Take a chance on yourself, even if it doesn’t turn out how you pictured it to turn out it’s only a different direction, never a wrong one.
  14. Spend more time with yourself. Take time to learn about all of you. Become your own best friend and lover.
  15. Open yourself up to endless possabilites there are waiting for you to act on the opportunity.
  16. Find ways to channel your emotions in a positive and constructive way. Don’t be afraid to share them.
  17. Always find time to laugh. Don’t take healing too seriously, the more you laugh the better.
  18. Take time to dream every day. Get a journal and write down your dreams.
  19. Ask questions. Never stop asking, but know there are no right or wrong answers.
  20. Plant positive mental seeds and take good care of them. Enjoy the sprouting process. Take time to appreciate the beauty around you.
  21. What this world needs is more self love: never stop loving yourself. You are humanly-beautifully flawed, be all of you.
                                                                                                              Light & Love,



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