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“You must let life flow naturally, for life’s secret is patience; you must stop pushing for change and allow things to unfold.” ~Leon Brown

Often we live our lives waiting for the next “big” moment. We feel stuck and waiting for something to change, or not wanting something to change. We’re waiting to find the love our life to walk in the door, to have the wedding of our dreams, maybe to have children, buy or build the house of our dreams, have the perfect career and live happily ever after.

We live thinking that life should be a certain way and if it’s not then something is wrong.

The reality is life doesn’t work that way, because that’s not how we grow. We grow from challenges, from taking risks, from being vulnerable with our heart. Our life is not meant to be easy, but it is meant to be experienced.

We’re waiting for our life to happen when it’s already happening before our eyes. We’re not allowing ourselves to fully live in the moments. We’re living in the future–of what could happen–rather than what is happening.

We are escaping living in the present, to protect ourselves by not fully living with an open heart.

Often we’re waiting for something “big” to happen so that we can feel there’s some sense of purpose for us being here, waiting around. We want to know what’s next. We live in anxiety waiting for the future, rather than living in peace with the present. We then only allow to give pieces of ourself rather than our whole self–afraid that we may not be accepted, or worthy to be whole in our being.

We’re running away from ourself because we don’t know how to live in the present with the comfort and discomfort that live brings us. Each experience is teaching us wisdom. It’s helping us to expand who we are in this world and to grow into a resilient human being rather than feel stuck in our minds of the past, of the trauma, the fear, the unworthiness, the shame, the guilt, the grief.

We all experience these emotions at some point in our life, but when we learn to flow with life we learn to let go of clinging to these emotions.

Your emotions do not define you, they are simply of part of feeling and being human. They’re there to help you. To teach you how to come back to yourself in a loving and gentle way, but first you must let go of judging your emotions. Simply see them as a form of energy flowing through your body. See them as the waves of the ocean.

When we learn to let life flow we let go of our need to know and we focus how we can be just be in this moment–with no expectations, just pure awareness. This is a form of mindfulness, a meditation even.

We are the ocean and you are the waves. All the time we are crashing and flowing with the waves that make up the ocean. When you go to the ocean though, do you judge the waves? Or do you just let them be what they are?

Often times the pain of our emotions does not come from the emotion itself, but rather the judging we give to it. We don’t let it flow, because if we did we would understand that they waves are always changing. One is never here to stay forever for we are the ocean, but we must learn to flow with the highs and lows.

When we let go and let flow our life changes, because we’re no longer holding onto feeling like we’re not enough until we know what the meaning of our life is suppose to be. We are the ocean, you are the waves and together we make a beautiful landscape called life.

Let it flow.

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Feeding The Heart is a blog and resource dedicated to empowerment for whole heart living after trauma. I'm a writer, trauma sensitive-informed yoga teacher, and a trauma survivor here to share my story and journey of holistically healing.

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