Letting Yourself Rise & Fall

Letting Yourself Rise & Fallfeatured

“In the end only three things matter: how much you loved, how gently you lived and how gracefully you let go of things not meant for you.” ~Buddha

A huge part of my journey is allowing my emotions, my body sensations, the constant story lines I create in my mind to simply rise and fall. Letting them be and feel how they are in this moment. It’s a daily practice of gentleness, patience and self love.

When we don’t allow our emotions to rise and fall we’re clinging to fear. We’re trying to control and fix instead choosing to connect deeply and directly with our experience. To just allow whatever arises to arise and know that in time it will also fall. Our feelings, emotions and sensations are never constant. This is a life long process and this cycle will never change,–but what can change is how you view it and taking the opportunity to sit with it.

This is an opportunity to look through the lens of love. By not judging, blaming or attacking yourself for what comes in your body, take a moment to gentle sit with it. Welcome it in and get curious about it. Maybe it has something to teach you. Is there something you need to learn to move forward? You won’t know unless you let yourself feel the rising and falling. In time it all passes.

Instead of rejecting what you are feeling when you allow yourself to relate to the conditions arising you discover love. We end our suffering by letting go of our own self criticism or wanting things to be a certain way. When you accept exactly what is in front of you let go of the negative patterns that hold you back from deeply and authentically experiencing life and who you are from your heart space.

When we come to meditation its purpose is not to become better but rather–to learn to not repeat negative patterns so we can live more in the present. We can appreciate joy and happiness when it comes, but we also accept that it will pass too and in time sadness and sorrow may arise. It’s all part of the cycle of rising and falling. Without this cycle, how would we ever truly appreciate life?

By letting everything rise and fall you are giving yourself a gift. This is how the natural cycle of life works and if we try to force any other way, either by running away or suppressing these waves of emotions, of feelings, of sensations that fill our body, you turn away from truly knowing ourself on a deep, intimate and personal level.

All of this needs to be taken in the cycles of waves, meaning you don’t have to feel everything at once, but rather focus on taking the time to feel the sensations so we can know when we are reacting and when we are responding with mindful intention. Gently bringing yourself back to the awareness of this very moment.

Never doubt your ability to put this into practice. Things, people, places, world events are always changing. All you can do is keep trying to do your best. There’s no need to be better or make up for your failures or short comings, there’s only now. What do you choose to do with this present moment?

Keep leaning in and don’t turn back. Lean in to the fear, the guilt, the self hatred, the shame, the lack of confidence. Know it’s there and that it’s okay. We’re human and at some point in our life we’ve all felt these emotions at different times. At the same time by leaning into what scares us, we also open the door for love and peace to come and guide us back home. It’s always inside of us, but sometimes we need a gentle reminder that it’s safe to come back home to your heart.

Continue to stand in your strength and be with the rising and falling of the waves of life. Find the beauty in being with your whole self and honoring everything that comes forward. You are a precious human being and you deserve to know love. Let love simply become of you. Let it become a constant inside of you as you continue to learn to find grace through riding the waves of life.

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