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“Close your eyes. Fall in love. Stay there.” ~Rumi

The heart is your inner warrior and lover. You must learn to guard it, to protect it, but you must also learn to fall in love with it, to let it flow throughout every aspect of your life. It takes commitment and it takes a strength that every holds, but many fear tapping into, because of it’s unbelievable power.

Our heart never lies. It’s only when we get lost in the mind that we lose a sense connection with our heart. The mind desires chaos and order, the heart desires vulnerability and connection.

Society tells us to lead with the mind and I say become a rebel, in heart terms, a true believer in your own being, your marvelous power, in your heart. Choose to lead with your heart because it feels good inside. The heart wants what is best for you. In return your heart makes choices best for this world too. Give yourself permission to feel it out.

Let us love from our heart, our soul, from the place that knows who we truly are. The place that believes we deserve to shine our light, share our authentic voice.

Let us figure out this mystery on our own, but also together. Let us let our hearts guide us to where and who we belong, it’s the only place we truly know.

Our heart wants our whole being. It doesn’t want us to give parts of it away. When we do we feel anxious, sad, guilty, not able to be our self, it’s our heart speaking to us. We can’t repress, or fully hide, the true nature of the heart because it’s always speaking to us. In a sweet, gentle whispers, as it kisses our forehead it says,

“Come back to me my love. I’m right here. Just breathe. Come back to your being. Come back to my love.”

First fall in love with your heart. By falling in love with your heart you make empowering choices in your life. You are no longer ruled by the mind, you are guided by the heart and you no longer feel blocked, you flow. You flow with dignity, grace and peace.

Let us make choices from our true nature, our true state of living and being. It all begins with the heart.

Let go of what hurts your heart. You deserve to feel whole and healed. Release what does not serve your heart.

Learn to let others into your heart. Allow your inner warrior to guard who comes into your heart, but we open to allowing others in when it feels right. Only you know how to guard your heart.

Learn to love without expectations. When we love others we must not expect their love in return, we can only love them if our heart is calling it. Continue to love them, because it’s your heart duty, but find balance. The only person you can expect to love you back is yourself. Find peace in your heart to not expect love in return.

Love is the highest form of healing energy. This means that love brings life together. It may not make sense, but we must learn to trust our heart. Continue to learn from it and accept that is guiding you to a higher state of awareness. Don’t expect it to guide you to happiness and fairy tales, but rather peace and serenity.

Falling in love is one of the most beautiful acts of service we do for this world. Learn to live from your heart because the world needs it. Love yourself with your whole heart so you can learn to love others. It is through our love that we will discover how empowering we are for each other.

Let us make the commitment to love with our whole heart, even when it hurts. Let us learn to open our wounds so we can receive the love that we each deserve.

Let go of the search of seeking to be someone and feel with the heart. Let it lead you, let it strengthen you and let it nourish your entire being. You are the heart have the courage to live your loving truth.

*Artwork by Courtney Young

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Feeding The Heart is a blog and resource dedicated to empowerment for whole heart living after trauma. I'm a writer, trauma sensitive-informed yoga teacher, and a trauma survivor here to share my story and journey of holistically healing.

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