Loving A Trauma Survivor

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Loving a trauma survivor is one of the most beautiful gifts you will ever receive. At first it comes in a disguise, but as you begin to peel the layers away exposing your raw heart their presence changes your life forever.

Trauma survivors find value in every moment they spend with you. They don’t let it go to waste. Some may think they go to deep, or think too much, or take life too serious, but deep down others actually admire these qualities.

Trauma survivors don’t live what might be considered a “normal” life. They are seekers, searchers, learners, thinkers, doers, adventurists and the best kind of lover you will ever find.

They want to hold you, but also have come to a peace about loosing you. For them it’s not the physical that matters, but also the energetic, the spiritual, the heart. They will take you wherever they go-you will never leave their hearts.

You’ll always remember a trauma survivor for their courage and passion for life. They know they have choices and they know they have the ability to help this planet. They use their life for this purpose. They know kindness, they know strength, they know living a life that is worth loving.

Loving a trauma survivor is endless. It’s the richest human experience you can have. You will learn to not change or take away their pain, but to hold their space in their pain. They don’t need you to take away anything, they need you to love them for the beautiful, imperfect, strong, gentle person they are.

They will teach you to be present. The best present you can give them is your presence too. They appreciate flowers, and little tokens of appreciates that express your love in the physical form, but what they really want you to do is hold them in silence and never let go.

They want you to be vulnerable. They don’t want superficial, they want truth, they want passion, they want you to express life in your own creative way. They will push you, they may even push you to the brink of insanity, but they will teach you that the key to love is vulnerability, without it true love does not exist it is simply a projection.

To love is to be vulnerable. To show all the sides of who you are. To cry, to smile, to be angry, to feel rejected, to experience joy, and to be a witness to suffering.

Let them take you on a journey of self discovery, of healing, of true love. They will teach you to live a life worth feeling, worth to question, worth taking risks for. They will teach you that the first person you must fall in love with is yourself. They don’t want to keep their heart, they want to teach you to expand it for your own well being and personal development.

They don’t have a key to your heart-they have their own vulnerable heart to share with you.

Let their vulnerability shake you to the core. Let them teach you how to ride your own waves of life and to know that every day is a new gift. Nothing is constant, the only constant thing in this life is change. Let them help you to know that you don’t have to ride the waves of life alone, sometimes it is better to have loving company who can share your pain, your grief, your questions.

They’re not looking to change you, they’re looking to love you. When you enter a union of true love your perception changes. You will make decisions not based on your egotistical mind, or by fear, but you will love from your heart with pure intentions. It doesn’t mean you won’t make mistakes, but you realize that life is messy and that’s okay.

In the messy-ness of life comes the beauty, comes learning to love, but also learning to receive love which is also just as important. Love a trauma survivor because it’s worth it.

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Feeding The Heart is a blog and resource dedicated to empowerment for whole heart living after trauma. I'm a writer, trauma sensitive-informed yoga teacher, and a trauma survivor here to share my story and journey of holistically healing.

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