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I’ve struggled with acne, oily and dry skin my entire life. As I continue to study and practice the Ayurveda medical system I have found my skin creates acne when my when my pitta and vata energy become out of balance. It’s simply  sending me a message: take care of yourself inside and out. In the past I wanted a “quick” solution, but by wanting a “quick” solution my skin became worse. I have tried every product and pill there it out there (including doctor prescriptions) and nothing has worked….until now, and I can pronounce all the ingredients. I even made it in my kitchen!

What I realized is that the previous products I used stripped away my oils and that’s not actually what my skin care routine needed. All these “oil free” products are not the solution because we need the oils that for our skin to glow!

And because you are stripping away the good oils (with chemicals) you also become dependent on the product and that’s how these products continue to make money. If you think about it their end goal is not for you to not have acne anymore, it’s for you to not have acne right now so you’ll continue to feel the need to buy their product creating a co-dependent relationship.

I completely understand. I got sucked in the marketing and commercials too, we all do. I decided to begin researching ways to make natural and plant basked products at home and not only has it been very healing. I can tell you it’s a lot cheaper (once you buy all that herbs), and I’ve seen results longer than any store product I have purchased (this includes anything medical prescribed) and there are no chemicals!

No more chemicals on this face, Mother Nature does provide. This really works!



1/2 tbs of rose water


You are going to look very yellow, but I can assure you it will not stain your skin. It rinses off easily.

2 tbs of chickpea flour

1 tbs of honey (raw honey preferred)

1 tbs of turmeric powder

2 tbs of coconut water


Mix and apply onto face.

Let dry for 10 minutes and rinse off. Your face will feel smooth and soft right away.


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