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urlI don’t do New Year Resolutions, I do Spring Inspirations. This year I want my life to give me daily inspiration. No expectations, just inspiration. I want to be wiser, kinder and loving towards myself and others who have hurt me. I want to inspire others, but I also want to inspire myself to be more loving.

A woman who has deeply inspired me and recently passed away is Maya Angelou. Her books and poems (I Know Why the Cage Bird SingsThe Heart of The Woman are two of my favorite) got me through some of the darkest times of my life. Without her courage to share her writings with the world, I don’t know if I would be doing what I am doing today.

My_Heroes_-_Maya_Angelou_connected_with_countless_people_through_her_powerful_poetryI think it’s important to have someone in your life who inspires you. Even if you have never met them, they want you to share your authentic self with the world.

I had a lot of great role models growing up and I feel very fortunate for that. From teachers to my best friend’s parents to coaches and community members, I have to remind myself of how many people I have in my life that have supported me. Because of them I always felt my life was part of something greater, something that could be of service to others.

When we put expectations on ourselves, we always seem to end up disappointment. Expectations are different than goals. Do we expect to be happier in 2015, or is it an inspiring goal to cultivate more loving relationships in 2015 that have the potential to bring you/us contentment? (Check out this talk on Happiness Is An Empty Promise).  Expectations bring judgement and can end up hurting us, whereas goals and inspiration can be a form of empowerment. 100253_964ba4c7

This spring I look to do more things that inspire and empower me. They fulfill me and also support my vision for my own life and the world around me. They ground me and also allow me to remain grateful. When you can walk away from any situation, good or bad, grateful, you will be amazed at where your life will take you. Being grateful doesn’t mean ignoring the bad or evil, it means surrendering to the good, to who you really are. 

This spring I encourage you to take time to write and reflect on what inspires you. With no expectations let your inspirations guide you throughout the next couple of months. Be mindful. Remain humble and trust that you can transform into the person you have always dreamed of. Be kind.  Be patient and remain wise. Most importantly, look for inspiration everywhere you go.

You’re worth it. Who or what inspires you this spring?



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