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“I believe in progress. I believe in four seasons. I believe winter’s tough, but spring’s coming. I believe that there’s a growing season. And I think that you realize in life, you grow. You get better.”

I recently embarked on another long bicycle ride. I love being out on the open road. The wind in my face. The time to myself riding along side the miles of fields and lakes. I feel alive. I feel free. I feel one with myself and the world around me.

As we travel through life we accept we will come across rocks, sticks and stones that we will have to find ways to incorporate into our journey. It may rain tomorrow, but the sun could also come out tomorrow. Winter will come, but spring will also bloom. It always happens.

We are always change. Always learning. Always creating. Be open to a world of possibilities. They are always waiting for you.

You are part of nature, a form of energy that is meant to change, transform and inspire. Your life has purpose, but it’s up to you to discover what it has to offer to yourself and others.

I’ve been spending a lot of time with myself lately. You’re thinking, yeah who isn’t? But what I didn’t realize was that I didn’t really have a friendship with myself. I’m learning to be with myself. To know myself. To inspire myself.

It sounds silly, but it’s true. This past year I have not only been practicing self love every day I am learning to do things with
myself and only myself. At first it felt uncomfortable. It felt a little boring, but gradually I have grown to absolutely love it. I ask myself, what would someone do who really whole heartily loves themselve(s)? 

I woke up yesterday thinking I was going to take a bicycle ride somewhere. Just me out on the open road. I’ve ridden my bicycle a lot, but on my longer rides I usually had at least one person with me. It’s been a different experience relying on myself. If I break down there’s only me. I can only rely on myself for hours of company. (At on point I found myself singing out loud in the middle of the load to my favorite song. I couldn’t stop laughing or smiling. I was having so much fun with myself).

I spent many years in a self-hate mindset. Moving from self-hate to self-love has taken a lot of time and I feel like a completely new person. If negative things happen in my life now I know how to manage and cope with a self-love mindset. It’s a completely new way of looking and embracing life.

It’s taken a lot of time getting to know myself. I had to make peace with a lot of things, I have to forgive myself for responding the only way I knew at the time. There’s a lot of anger and grief I am still shedding, but as it slowly melds away a new life appears in front of me. One that allows me to live my dreams, be present and breathe, always breathe.

What I have learned is not I really don’t know anything at all: that we are all the teachers and the students. Some of my best lessons have come not from the wisest people, but the people who hurt me the most. They showed me my shadows which in turn helped me to face them and overcome them.

I’ve also learned we’re always changing. Always. Just like the seasons, just like nature, we are transforming through our different life experiences and seasons. If you feel stuck remember it won’t always feel that way. As we free ourselves from fear we begin to flow naturally with everything around us. This spring try something new. Do something different. Be who you desire to be. Don’t hold back your true self this year, the person that is filled with compassion, love and wisdom. Spring into your purpose.

I have slowly come to discover the best thing I can do for myself and this world is learn to love myself with my whole heart.

Embrace the smell and beauty of spring. Find your heart and hold it close. Listen to it. Dance with it. That’s your purpose.

P.S. More one woman cycling adventures to come!

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