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“The only reason we don’t open our hearts and minds to other people is that they trigger confusion in us that we don’t feel brave enough or sane enough to deal with. To the degree that we look clearly and compassionately at ourselves, we feel confident and fearless about looking into someone else’s eyes. ” ~Pema Chodron

Find it in your heart to be brave.

Bravery is going deep into the war of your own mind and body and it strengthens you in ways you never imagined. It’s not about picking up guns and joining the war, but rather coming back to your breath in the mist of chaos.

Bravery is a kind of empowerment, it is the choice and willingness to confront agony, pain,danger, uncertainty or intimidation.

Bravery is a powerful tool for healing, but it one that is tends to be taught with a story of force rather than surrender. It is when we surrender to life as it is that we understand what is means to truly be brave.

When we accept our fears, the dark thoughts, it to leads us to our inner warrior and lover. To not harden but soften our hearts, that is when how we win the war inside of us. It is not that we are giving up, or surrendering to the enemy (our mind), but we refuse to live in a body of chaos and rather we open our hearts to the potential of using our life to empower humanity and to come home to our body.

I keep coming back to gratitude and humbleness both which lead to humility and bravery. It is there we find not only our peace, but our true power. It is surrendering to fear that leads us to humbleness. It is bravery that empowers us to understand who we really are without the mask on, without the labels, without the social and cultural expectations.

There’s bravery that comes in and freeing yourself from a fixed mind. Learning to accept what you do not know and not judging others actions, but working to improve your being, your reactions, your mind and approaching your body with love and respect.

But also there’s bravery is recognizing that you are not responsible for fixing everything, only for being present with yourself. You do not owe anything. You alone are enough. You are a precious gift. When you find time to be present with yourself, to sit with all of your chaos and take the time to cultivate self awareness and self love, rather than react violently, that is bravery.

Bravery is a daily practice. It is in our bravery that we find what we are truly capable of: the gentle, loving, kind individual we are by nature. It’s not about believing, but about experiencing who you are deep down. As you continue to tap into your true nature, through yoga, writing, meditation, walking in nature, cooking, whatever helps you to slow down and be in the present moment, you will slowly find yourself make decisions from your compassionate heart than your egotistical and confused mind.

Bravery brings you home to your inner warrior, survivor, healer and best friend.

It’s an empowering practice to cultivate. When you make the decision to be brave your life will change and transform. The energy of bravery is powerful and peaceful. It’s always there for you waiting for you to remember your humble nature and to accept you for being a human being.

Find time to slow down and recognize your inner warrior and the healer who is there to guide you and be with you through your pain and suffering. With time, patience, and loving support, you will embark on a transformational journey of understanding what it means to be brave: being your own hero and your own gentle lover.

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Feeding The Heart is a blog and resource dedicated to empowerment for whole heart living after trauma. I'm a writer, trauma sensitive-informed yoga teacher, and a trauma survivor here to share my story and journey of holistically healing.

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