The Gift of Uncertainty

The Gift of Uncertaintyfeatured

“Have patience with everything that remains unsolved in your heart.
…live in the question.”  ~Rainer Maria Rillke  

Every moment of our life is uncertain. When we learn to dance with uncertainty rather than push it away we learn to live and love in the present. This is only gift we have to receive and share.

I live not because I know what will happen next but because I don’t I live planting seeds of growth, of intention, in the darkness and through love and patience watching it bloom into something magical, something mysterious.

I live with the excitement of the unknown, not against. I let my story fold page by page, sometimes word by word. At times it feels scary, not knowing, but then I remember I am not alone. We’re all uncertain about uncertainty.

My heart grows stronger, softer, and glows a soft pink. I heal through my pain, my doubts, my uncertainty that maybe this life isn’t for me-or maybe-it is exactly how it needs to be. All I know for sure is I am uncertain, but in time my uncertainty will teach teach me to live to my fullest and my deepest.

I will not find the answers in my mind, I will only receive them in my heart. I live to know that I won’t ever know everything all I can do is feel through it.

The times in my life that I did not plan something to happen, or did not expect, have been some of the best times of my life. I still remember the day I met Jake at the coffee shop. I was not expecting for him to show up with a cup of coffee at my table, but he did, and in the end it changed my life for the better.

When I allow myself the opportunity to be with the unknown and know that it is for my higher growth I free myself from worry and anxiety. There’s nothing I need to change. I must learn to move forward in the unknown and replace fear with enthusiasm.

With uncertainty comes exploration for discovering something new, something different. It helps to open doors up you only dreamed about, but because you took the chance to embark on the journey of the unknown you were gifted along the way.

Uncertainty teaches me to be humble. It is helping me to create space for something new to come into the making. It helps me to come acceptance, rather than judgment about my life. In uncertainty, the one thing I am certain about, is something new and different is about to be birthed into my life.

Uncertainty no longer paralyzes me or causes me unnecessary worry, rather it liberates me in knowing that I will not know everything-all I can do is just be with what is.

Today I choose to be the person who brings me joy, love and happiness. I choose to see uncertainty as a guide, as a lover leading me to a better place inside myself. I choose to be uncertain about uncertainty so when it does present itself I receive it as a beautiful and unexpected gift.

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