The Breathing Room


12274485_544212362397807_6880883474931938730_nThe Breathing Room is dedicated to empowering individuals to connect with their body and breath through yoga, mindfulness meditation, breathing and holistic health techniques in a safe, trauma sensitive environment.

The Breathing Room’s social mission is to provide affordable trauma sensitive yoga services and holistic health services to allow everyone the opportunity to connect and befriend their body and mind. While empowering people to release physical and emotional tension/stress.

The Breathing Room looks to bring services to you from your living room to your kitchen. Designed as a travel yoga and healing studio to empower you to hold space for your self care and healing no matter your schedule. Looking to empower you in your yoga and healing journey I work to design a at-home yoga routine that works for you and your daily life.

Let The Breathing Room come to you and allow you to relax into your body and breath. Take time for your own unique, juicy breath! You deserve to discover all of you.

Offering in person yoga healing sessions and also via skype. Looking forward to connecting with you on your mat and/or cooking up a healthy delicious meal in your kitchen.


Thank you for being part of the journey!



*The Breathing Room is not a tax deductible non-profit, but a grassroots social enterprise to empower individuals and communities to be part of a movement to create economic and financial sustainability by supporting, empowering and employing local people.