My Top 5 Plant Based Proteins

My Top 5 Plant Based Proteinsfeatured

A lot of people have asked me how do I get all my protein on a completely plant based diet. It took me quite a few years to find the right balance for my body type and very active lifestyle, but for almost 10 years now I have lived off of plants for all of my nutrients, including my daily protein intake.

I realized that this whole protein actually wasn’t that hard. People made it seem difficult. If you weren’t getting your protein from meat, fish or even cow’s milk, how were you still a functioning human being? Well I learned quickly that protein comes from a range of sources, not just our standard meat, dairy, and eggs categories. I say this coming from former competitive athlete and I still run, cycle and do yoga every day. I rarely feel sluggish or tired!

It’s taken me a few years to get to where I am now and I wouldn’t recommend going full plant based protein at first. Find a mix that works for you! Everyone’s body is different and will respond differently. Your body will need to get use to it, and once you start to find your own flow you’ll realize how easy and fun it is!

1) Vegetables (garlic, mushrooms, spinach, kale, peas, onions, broccoli, brussel sprouts are all packed with tons of protein)

2) Chickpeas & Black beans

3) Dal & Lentils

4) Tempeh

5) Seeds (including chia, sunflower, flax)

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