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“Some beautiful paths can’t be discovered without getting lost.”~Erol Ozan

These last few months I’ve learned to deeply trust myself, not because I know what decision to make or what is going to happen next, but because I know all I have are choices and I get to choose how my life moves forward.

Now, how will I trust myself through making these next life step decisions?

Sometimes it feels overwhelming, and sometimes I feel so excited, more excited than I ever thought I would feel about moving forward. Sometimes it is a mixture of both. I must not judge my feelings, but accept them and learn to hold myself through the process of patience and trust.

Trusting the journey is a tricky process, because a lot comes up. Guilt, self doubt, questions, more questions, anxiety, fear. The list goes on. What I have come to realize is that trusting myself is not an easy process, but it’s essential part of healing. The more I trust myself the more I make decisions based on what is healthy for me.

Sometimes we think we know what we want, but sometimes we need to seek out what we actually need to grow and open up. For me it is moments and days of solitude to connect deeper with myself. Sometimes it’s scary and lonely. When I go through this process of uncertainty, feeling I am the only one thinking these thoughts, I come to a peace about it my journey.

I realize that each one of us on our own unique journey of self discovery and we are here to make choices and grow together. It’s not about right or wrong decisions, only choices based on your free will. Where do you want to take yourself?

In these decisions that you make there comes freedom and power. In finding yourself, you must also learn to be yourself. This takes an enormous amount of trust.

Self doubt will slip in quickly. It will make you question everything to the clothes you wear and the food you eat. When I feel this self doubt creep in I take a minute to pause. I take a deep inhale and I slowly exhale. When I lose myself in my thoughts, in my self doubt, I lose myself in my true essence and sometimes I just need to breathe to bring me back.

Our mind wants to understand every detail and aspect of the journey, but if we leave it only to our mind then we won’t get to feel our heart. That is where the magic happens, in feeling fully and authentically. Feeling is an important part to the process.

In the end the journey is all you have. Life is a combination of experiences that are hear to help you grow and heal into the person you always knew you were deep down. Going through the process is hard, but it’s worth it. You are worth the pursuit of the journey.

Take time to reflect on the pursuit of your own journey. Trust that you are exactly where you need to be and know that you always have an opportunity to make a different choice. Allow your heart to guide you in these choices and remember, just breathe.

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Feeding The Heart is a blog and resource dedicated to empowerment for whole heart living after trauma. I'm a writer, trauma sensitive-informed yoga teacher, and a trauma survivor here to share my story and journey of holistically healing.

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