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“The woman who follows the crowd will usually go no further than the crowd. The woman who walks alone is likely to find herself in places no one has ever been before.” ~Albert Einstein

One of the things I love about travel is that I have time to reflect and process my life. Many times we go about life not thinking too deeply about our experiences and choices, because it scares us to understand what is underneath all of these layers.

When you travel all you have is time and thinking can take up a lot of that time. It is in these moments by myself that I gain a deeper understanding of who I really am not just focusing on the narrativeI have created in my head.

Rather than get lost in my thoughts on the road, I’ve come to an understanding that they are there to train me and act as a guide. I am always going to be questioning myself, my future, but my thoughts are also a tool for self awareness and understanding.

I don’t travel alone because it’s easy. Actually quite the opposite. I travel alone because it’s what my heart and soul need to reconnect deep down. I travel alone to fall in love with myself, not because someone else is there to remind me how loving I am, but for me to remind myself that not only I am loving, that I am enough in every moment.

I travel to love every piece, every story that is a part of my being. I travel alone to remember why I love the woman I have grown into.

There’s freedom that comes in traveling alone, but there’s also deep internal insight too. Every day I am inspired by what I see. Every day I am grateful I have the opportunity to connect deeper to myself to heal and simply experience the life and natural beauty around me.

Can it be lonely? Yes. Can it be frustrating? Yes. Can it be beautiful and life changing? Absolutely.

As I travel by myself more light shines in to turn my darkness into sunshine. With thoughts come memories, sometimes beautiful and sometimes hard and painful. When the memories would first start coming up, like flashbacks I would cry. Now that I have time to integrate my memories into the present I remind myself that I will be okay. That everything I need is in this moment. Now when the memories come up I smile and remind myself how grateful I am to be exactly where I am.

I’ve gained my wisdom and insight by meeting other people, reconnecting with good friends and opening up to strangers. Most importantly I have gained this insight by just being with myself out in the mountains, or desert and walking along the ocean. These are the moments that transform you.

10-hour car drives will challenge you to be mindfully present with yourself. Most people run away from this, but I embrace it with open arms because I understand it is part of my growth. In order to grow we must face the unknown with courage and strength. I want to know who I am to the core and that takes a tremendous amount of courage and inner strength to face.

Maya Angelou once said courage is the most important virtue and I couldn’t agree more. The more we do what we are afraid to do, or open ourselves up in a way that feels vulnerable, we are giving ourselves permission to be our authentic self. We won’t know who we really are until we push through these fears.We don’t do it because it’s comfortable, but because we know deep down it’s what we need to do to become authentic.

The last few months I have pushed my limits more than I thought I could. At times I felt lonely, sad, anxious, but these emotions I have found are not here to stay they are here to signal your growth. I am becoming a better version of myself every day.

Traveling by myself has taught me to be strong and it has also taught me to be more loving and forgiving towards myself. The shame and guilt we hold is not because of what others believe of us, but what we believe of ourself deep down.

I travel alone because it changes you. I will never be the same person, because I know myself now more than ever and I know how amazingly resilient I can be.

I’ve seen some of the most gorgeous sunsets and sunrises, rode hundreds of miles on my mountain bike, sat on my yoga mat for many hours, hiked for miles in the mountains and deserts and I have fallen in love with my life all over again.

Life is worth living for the adventure with yourself and eventually sharing the stories with others, but you are the one that will forever hold the memories in your heart and can always come back to them anytime and anywhere.

I hope one day to take someone again with me on this journey, but for now I travel alone because I have become a more compassionate person. A woman who knows herself and a human being who lives to see the natural beauty of the world we live in. In these moments I have found a great sense of inner peace and love for life again.

Travel alone to grow deeper to your heart. You are worth a world of travel for yourself.

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