Why We Choose To Love

Why We Choose To Lovefeatured

“Wherever you are, and whatever you do, be in love.” ~Rumi

The thing about love is it’s not a linear commitment–it’s a wild, uncertain compromise.

Your lover–your loved one–can leave at any time. Holding them back is not love. Love is freedom. When we understand that love is a choice it sets us free and allows us to love and live from the heart: our authentic space with no strings attached.

Love rips you open and requires you to be naked in vulnerability. The act of love is not for the weak. It might bring heart break, but we need our heart to be broken to expand. When your heart breaks it reminds you of your ability to be human–to feel something deeply.

We do not have to love, but we choose to love anyways. Why? Because we all long for love, to be love and to know love.

Love is a connector, a teacher, a healer, a believer.

Love is beautiful, but it also faces you with your own demons, everything you are afraid to examine deeply. Love opens the door to chose to examine these layers, edges, and doors that you have unconsciously closed. Love is not a prison, rather it is a sacred temple that people chose to enter into.

We must protect our heart, but we must also expose it to the emotions we are afraid to feel. This is why we choose to love.

Life is kind, but life is not easy. You will have to make choices to love, let go and surrender. You will have to let people go and you will question everything. This is all part of the process, so question but do not give up.

Ask yourself when you wake up every day: are you willing to love over and over again? 

To love is to not remain the same–it means to transform. To love is to surrender to the unknown. To truly love from our heart is to learn to live in the middle: the place where both grief and joy meet. Where we can both laugh and cry, smile and feel the hurt. To know our love for another person is impermanent, but lives with us forever.

We love to give, but we also love to receive without attachment. We love to understand why we live on this earth.

No one is born without the capacity to love. It’s with us from the beginning and stays with us until the end, but we have to trust that we are capable and deserving of life despite our past and without knowing out future.

To love is to trust the invisible force that guides all of us. Love comes to us in a package that takes time to unwrap. How we chose to unwrap it determines everything.

Chose to love not because it’s easy, but because it’s expanding. Loving brings you closer to the present moment. It  wraps you in freedom and purpose.

This life is not a race, it’s a journey. Love is your guide, your inspiration through this journey. To love is to fully live life. But remember, love is not linear and to love another person we cannot expect the same in return.

You must simply take the risk to just love without an outcome: choose to love.



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