Why We Need To Love

Why We Need To Lovefeatured

Love is a gift that we need to not only survive but to enrich our lives. Love has no boundaries and it does not seek control, rather-through mindful actions-love helps to guide and empower a person to set themselves free. To truly be and love themselves. A true lover knows there is no shame in who you are. They will help guide you to embrace every part of loving part of your self. 

We love not because it’s easy-because it’s not-but because it runs through our blood and is felt deeply in our bones. We were born to love. We love because it teaches us more about ourselves and our ability to be compassionate, honest, and completely naked in our vulnerability. It challenges us to have and hold strength when we feel we have lost hope in ourself, in the meaning of love, in the ability to love another person with an open mind, heart and spirit.

When you love another person, you love all parts and sides of them. You learn the meaning of forgiveness in doing this. Forgiveness is a tool you learn to cultivate as you allow yourself to love with your whole heart. Forgiveness is a gift. When you love someone forgiveness will also be a crucial part to build your love relationship.

When you learn to love another person in your weakest moments you understand how powerful love is and how it is always there even in your dark moments. Love will always guide you back to your true state of being. Love always has a plan for you.  

The biggest thing we must be mindful of is to not expect anything out of love. It teaches you what you need to learn, maybe not what you want to learn. Love liberates and transforms a person into their highest state of being. Love is the most natural form of living.

Love will never hurt you, it will only transform you. Try to not give up working on love, but trust it will guide you where you belong. Challenge yourself to be okay with not understanding what love is teaching you, just embrace love. Learn to accept and be okay with the unknown. 

Love for your own personal growth and the gift to connect deeply with another human being. Love because the world needs it. Love to learn, not to know. Love to share, not to hide. Love to give, not receive. Love to respect, not change. Love to let go, not to hold onto. Love to create love, not seek love. Love for purpose, not belonging. Love to feel human.

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Feeding The Heart is a blog and resource dedicated to empowerment for whole heart living after trauma. I'm a writer, trauma sensitive-informed yoga teacher, and a trauma survivor here to share my story and journey of holistically healing.

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