Why You Might Fall In Love With Your Yoga Teacher

Why You Might Fall In Love With Your Yoga Teacherfeatured

You may have a yoga teacher whose presence always brightens your day. A presence about themselves that is one that feels safe and full of life. Their smile brightens your day, and their heart calms your mind.

I remember specifically going to yoga classes just because of my teacher. I admired their ability to be completely present with themselves. Yes, they were also physically attractive, but what I appreciated most from them was the invisible. I appreciated them for the sense of peace and calm they brought into my life while I practiced on my mat. That it didn’t matter what I looked like, it only mattered if I took the time to breathe.

I remember looking at my teacher one time when we were going into a meditation and he looked so happy, so at peace, like nothing could break him. I started to cry, because I wanted to feel that way. I wanted to be able to radiate a sense of peace wherever I went just like my yoga teacher did. I was awe of his ability to be grounded in his body and simply focused on his breath. When the 75 minute class was up I didn’t want to leave–I wanted to stay in this feeling forever.

But–who was I “falling in love” with?

At times I thought I was falling in love with my yoga teacher, but when I took a step back I realized who I was really falling in love with was myself, my own life, my own ability to be present, centered and calm on my mat. It was first time I had ever felt this feeling.

I realized my yoga teachers were a beautiful tool for me to understand what it felt like to open my heart and let it all go on my yoga mat: mind, body and heart. By my teacher being able to be present for me, to allow me to feel safe enough to go inside, it was then that I could experience the love that I had deprived myself of for years. I was learning to love myself for the first time in this sacred space. 

Yoga teacher(s) will open us in ways we may never expect. They will cultivate a space that is inviting, safe and empowering. They will open up your heart in ways that you always needed, but were too afraid to expose on your own. They may see you at a very vulnerable moment. They are there to guide you through the process. They are here to reassure you that life is a journey and so is your yoga practice.

I don’t know how many times I felt tears run down my face during a yoga class. I was opening and releasing parts of myself in a very intimate way. It’s our yoga teacher’s job to cultivate this space. It’s the gift of their presence of their life and their ability to connect with themselves so deeply, kindly and gently the allows us to open our own hearts and feel a deep sense of love.

I have fallen in love with most of my yoga teachers and they have all been the inspirations for me to become a yoga teacher myself. I just wanted to feel peace in my life full time in the same way I had fallen in love with my own yoga teacher for.

Something deep down inside of me was pushing to be opened up, to center my heart and fall in love completely with my presence. My teachers continue to confirm in me that a yoga teacher journey was part of my path. They kept me inspired to continuing to open my heart to this path even if I had no idea what kind of life changing experience I was getting myself into.

My yoga teachers helped me to fall in the process of loving myself, the work it takes and the presence that is needed to accept that I am exactly where I need to be. My helping me to re-discover my heart I was learning to love myself all over again.

They kept me filled internally, even if it was just for a moment. It’s the moments that change us, that allow us to realize that we’re not here for the future, or defined by our past, we’re here to be awaken to each moment that folds in front of us.

My yoga teachers have been some of my greatest inspirations and have opened my heart in ways that I desperately needed. They allowed me to understand what self love meant, what falling in love with your body felt like and that it is possible to be in love with everyone and everything around this. This is yoga–the union of life. How many breaths actually take our breath away?

It’s natural and okay to fall in love with your yoga teacher, but remember it’s you they want you to fall in love with. Let them guide you back to your heart. They want you to discover how amazing you are on and off your mat. Let them be the light to guide your way to come home to loving all of you.

Maybe you need to fall in love with your yoga teacher to learn what it means to fall in love with yourself.

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