You Are Enough

“You alone are enough. You have nothing to prove to anyone.” ~Maya Angelou

We spend our lives trying to prove and validate ourselves. Through our jobs, our relationships, our family, our material possessions, we seek being enough through external forces. We feel we should always be striving for more, making more money, strive to get married or achieve something or someone “more”, but somehow “more” never seems enough. We end up running away from who we really are to be someone who fits societies definition of worthiness.

The thing is you are enough at every moment, every second. There is nothing to strive for actually. You are already validated being a human being. You aren’t meant to do, but to be. You are a worthy being.

We want others to validate our existence, but we actually don’t need it. It’s the mind that seeks it, but it’s in the heart we find contentment and peace in our existence as a human being. We must learn to get out of our  seeking mind and into our living heart. For our mind will only continue to compete to be enough, but our heart already knows we are enough at every moment our heart is there to guide us.

We have been consumed with seeking rather than being and living. Rather than allowing ourselves to sit with the idea that we are enough. Sit with that. You alone are enough. We are here not to do something or prove our being, but to just be. To be whole. To be raw. To be authentic. To be unique. To be real. It’s a beautiful gift. Believe it with your whole heart.

If we’re waiting to be enough, we’re not living in the present. You’re missing out on the most beautiful gift of life, You never have to wait to be enough. At this very moment you are enough without being anyone or doing anything. Who you are without a job title, a nationality, a skin color or sexuality doesn’t matter. Embrace it rather than judge it. You deserve to know you are enough.

Instead of seeking validation from the external world, seek it from inside your heart. Come back to your beautiful breath. Ground your fee into the ground. When we can remind ourselves to come back to our body and the earth we become aware that we’re here to be our own human being. Connect with your own physical body, your creativity, your unique gifts. Discover your whole self. Come into the awareness of being enough.

We’re here to discover our voice, to open our heart and honor our space of being enough. There’s nothing to prove.

Life isn’t about striving for perfection, it’s about learning and experiencing everything around us. Be your own life experience. Live passionately from your heart. Be beautifully flawed, for it’s in that space we can be a human being.

Listen to the beat of your heart. Learn to dance to the beat. You are enough and always have been.